Our Roomy Sizes

Our Roomy Sizes

Size 12 fits girls/boys and petite women.
Size 14 fits women and men approximately 5’3″ height (1.64 meter).
Size 15 fits women and men approximately 5’6″ height (1.70 meter).
Size 16 fits women and men approximately 5’9″ height (1.80 meter),
and so forth, also size 17 size 18, sizes that are very generously proportioned With each size taller, so too are the proportions more generous
It’s possible to choose garments that are a close fit to the body

Garments that are roomier in size, giving them a slightly different look.
A size in which it is easier and more comfortable to move.
Our garments are often worn layered, or in a variety of combinations.
In this case a smaller or larger size may be a preferred option.

We embrace flexibility in these choices,
Your comfort being our uppermost goal.

Luli’s Colorful Clothing Studio Boutique
Moshav Ometz
Landline Phone #04-6258117
Cellphone #052-3953969

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