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EINAT ACKERMAN creates practical pouches and bags that are fun and colorful. Adjustable and often multipurpose these pouches may be worn as belts, keeping pelephone, keys, eyeglasses and personal paraphernalia, such as insulin for diabetes patients, always close at hand.

Other bags are designed to fit babystroller handles, or bicycle handlebars, Her eye-catching creations may be seen at our sales, in addition to the craft fair at Nahalat Benjamin st.(next to No. 5,Tel Aviv) on Tuesdays and Fridays. She can also be reached via facebook.
Tel: 054-2477713

JANE COHEN is a textile artist who expresses her love for texture, color, and environmental sustainability in unique bags, jewelry, and accessories.
Without use of patterns, each piece is absolutely unique, with zero waste a parallel goal. They are thoughtfully considered combinations of elements and materials, using embroidery, felting, eco-printing, and other techniques. 
Her creations may be purchased in my studio boutique, our day sales events, and Etsy. 
Galleries of her pieces may be seen on facebook, (complete with direct link to Etsy shop) and Instagram.
You may reach her directly on her
cellphone 054-2172078.

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