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I am in love with color.
I am in love with textiles. I love their feel and appearance.
I celebrate life in combining their variety of textures and patterns.
My design choices are made conscientiously, and are intentional.

My garments are an expression of my sense of style, and not a reflection of body image according to societal norms.

Dressing expresses my unique taste.

 I always dress comfortably; it’s not negotiable.  I’m not willing to sacrifice comfort or appearance.  Comfort is essential to what I expect from my designs.

Luli Clothing is easy to maintain (machine washable).  That’s the way I want it. It’s an expression of how I decide to live.

Garments must be beautifully sewn, and locally.

I want my wardrobe to be an expression of me, and give voice to those who believe in the same.  Sometimes I am a rainbow; sometimes I am a muted foggy morning.  I want to be comfortable and confident in my appearance in either event.  I wear a garment as a reflection of how I feel, and not as society expects me to present myself. So my choice of garment makes me feel good, joyous, and I project that joy in my life.

When I am comfortably dressed I feel feminine and pretty.
That sums it up.

My designs are appropriate for life here in Israel.
Our mostly moderate climate can be quite hot in summer but not extremely cold in winter. Dazzling sunlight and clear blue skies encourage a sense of freedom and perhaps a touch of whimsy in the way we choose to dress.
Roomy, comfortable, colorful clothing can put a smile on any face!
Quality of environment is a priority. Our studio and shop are pleasant environments for our staff to work in, and for our clientele to visit.
I have worked with my exceptional staff for years.
Our garments are sewn locally in Israel, and seamstresses receive fair wage.
We strive to be “green” as possible. Fabric remnants are donated rather than discarded. Scrap paper and carton are recycled.

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