Luli Designs Colorful Clothing
Includes women’s clothes and men’s fashion.

Luli colorful clothing is comfortable, practical and rich in colors.
Our colors put everyone in a joyful mood.
Wearing our garments is comfortable for everyone because of their roomy proportions and flexibility.
All waistlines are secured with elastic.
Plentiful pockets and easy maintenance ensure the practicality of our designs.

The sizes are specifically and intentionally designed to be flexible and roomy in their proportions and becoming to all body types, including those who conventionally wear plus sizes (the larger sizes). 
Our philosophy is that beauty is a direct result of comfort, and acceptance, of our individual body, and not as an exhibition of a specific size or body type\figure.

Luli – Colourful Clothing, is easy to maintain (in a washing machine, cold water, inside out, recommended to hang in shade to dry; you can iron if necessary).

We pay careful attention to every detail of the design, construction, and selection of fabric of each, and every garment.
Many of our fabric selections made of natural fibers.
All buttons are dyed by hand to the perfect hue.

Our Winter designs are warm and cozy.
Our Summer designs are especially light and airy to help us remain cool.  


We sell directly to our customers at day sale events in locations throughout Israel several times during the year (Check our listings to find a location near you).
We would be delighted to send you invitations to the upcoming sale events.
In keeping with our commitment to environmental concerns, our invitations are now purely via the internet.
You may choose to have them e-mailed to you or sent via text message to your cellphone.
Kindly register your full information by clicking the appropriate boxes.

Would you like to visit our shop?
We’d love to see you. 
We are located in Moshav Ometz.

Kindly call ahead to make arrangements.

More than clothing
A selection of fashion accessories accent our colorful clothing, including headbands and bed linen, also for babies.

We have a number of unique scarves large enough to use as light shawls, perfect for the nippy air we sometimes have during our summer nights.

We feature special handmade necklaces and pins which are made by a cooperative of women in the third world.

And most especially
Having worked in the textile business for many years, we have met a number of textile artists whose creations speak directly to our heart.

We invite you to enjoy their works with us.
Click here to acquaint yourself with our recommendations.

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